The School

Deledda International School was established by Prof. Ignazio Venzano and the Genoa Town Council in 1999. It is the only IB world school in Italy that is supported by a public entity (the city of Genoa).

In July 2001, Deledda International School received authorization from the IBO (International Baccaulareate Organization) to offer its two-year IB Diploma Programme and the first candidates sat their exams in May 2003.

In 2004, DIS grew to become a four year high school to offer our students a four-year international high school curriculum in English.  In 2006, DIS became an IB MYP (Middle Years Programme) candidate school offering Year 4 and Year 5 (the last two years) of the IB Middle Years Programme.

In September 2009 DIS opened its bilingual Middle School with one sixth grade class. We now have two sections of each year of the schoo, and have been authorized to offer the full MYP program (grades 6 to 10). In 2016 we opened our third section of the first class of the middle school.

We are now opening two years of our new bilingual Primary School: year 4 and year 5. The school has reached a total of 350 students in September 2016 and continues growing steadily.